Became a partner of the BIOTechno Network

For the 14th consecutive year, the BIOTechno days enable young researchers and companies to meet each other.

These forums are organized within the framework of a national network, the BIOTechno network (
The doctoral training brings precious assets to pursue a career in a private company. A PhD program covers the management of a scientific project for three years, the respect of deadlines and students supervision. It is also a team work in a demanding and competitive international context and requires synthetizing, communicating and results valorization competences.

The BIOTechno days aim to uncover companies to PhDs and to promote the PhDs competences towards companies, through: Plenary conferences, Round tables, Workshops and the stands of the partner companies.

During these days, speakers have a unique opportunity to directly communicate over their professional activities and on their products towards the participants who represent potential clients.

The communication is increased through a visual presence on our communication supports directly in relation to the BIOTechno days (booklet in bags, advertising poster, congresses acts, website and other advantages…), but also through the communication supports of the BIOTechno network when itself attends to seminars or congresses.

Finally, the image development of the companies’ partner of the BIOTechno network, also passes through the investment realized with a mind to favor the career development of the Young Researchers, who will be future economic actors. We, organizing members, make all efforts to highlight your company in respect to our collaboration. Thus, this year again, we will do our best to highlight the companies which follow us in our vast project to develop the Young Researchers’ careers through the organization of the BIOTechno days.


All the members of the BIOTechno Network wish you success for this year and give you an appointment for future collaborations.

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