The BIOTechno Days

Since 10 years now, the BIOTechno Network has organized in many well-known Frenchb cities meeting days about BIOTechnologies. These meetings, the BIOTechno days, propose to the Young Researchers to uncover the Biotechnologies careers and to meet the professional actors of this sector.


Reinforce its relational network through round tables or stands, uncover the careers of PhDs working in Research departments but also in other sectors, get acquainted with the recruitment methods, get informed on the potential of the region… basically, build a professional project that is realistic and practicable! In 2010, it was Paris, Lyon-Grenoble-St-Etienne, Marseille, Toulouse and Caen that welcomed more than 600 participants.

Presentation (in French) of past editions: 

Actes Nationaux 2010

Actes Nationaux 2009 Actes Nationaux 2008 Actes Nationaux 2007
Actes Nationaux 2006 actes-nationaux_2005-preview.jpg Actes Nationaux 2004

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